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Watering Trees During Winter Months

One of the most common question among homeowners with trees in their property is: should I water my trees during winter? If yes, how often do I need to water them?

Most trees go dormant during winter months, meaning they temporarily go into some kind of hibernation. However, while you might not be able to see some obvious changes in your tree during the winter season, your tree still continues to grow, although more slowly.

Also, just because your trees are currently in dormancy doesn’t mean they stop needing nutrients to live.

So, all things considered, yes, in most cases, you do need to water your trees during winter depending on, of course, where you live.

Tip for watering trees during winter:

  • During winter, it might be harder for you to water your trees, especially if it’s unbearably cold outside. The trick to keeping your trees well- taken care of during this time of year is proper preparation. You have to make sure that you water your tree regularly through fall until the time that the ground becomes frozen because of winter. This way, you can be confident that your tree will have enough hydration.
  • Even though you need to water your trees in winter, you don’t have to water them as often as you normally do. For grown trees, the recommended frequency of watering during other seasons is once a week. For newer trees, however, it should be twice a week. During winter months, though, your older trees need to be watered just once or twice a month, and newer trees every other week.  

Luckily here in South Surrey, BC we get much more rain than once a week during the winter months so this is not something we need to worry about. Only if we ever experienced a drought of any kind, would this be an issue? For more tips on pruning, tree cutting, and everything related to trees and landscaping, stay tuned for future blogs.